Baby's first days at daycare are often more difficult for you, the mother, than they are for your child. This is especially true if your child is starting daycare as an infant. Although this transition period can be difficult, there are ways that you can make it easier on both you and your baby. The following tips may help.

Make mornings stress-free

If you feel rushed and stressed in the morning, your baby will pick up on it. To avoid this, prepare the daycare bag the day before with diapers, extra clothing, soothers, and bottles. Then, wake up plenty early so you can get around and eat breakfast without having to rush. This can also give you time to nurse or bottle feed your child for some early morning bonding time before heading into daycare and then work. This will leave both your and you child feeling much more in touch and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Don't go full throttle all at once

For moms with the option to ease back into work, starting slowly with daycare can ease the transition for you both. This means only using daycare for an hour or two a day at first, or perhaps for only a couple of days a week. If you must resume full-time employment, consider temporarily taking a different shift. For example, working second shift while your partner works first shift means your child only needs to be in daycare for the few hours when your shifts overlap. You can increase to full time or switch back to your usual shift once you and your child have adjusted.

Ask about video check-ins

Some daycare providers now allow parents to check in via video online or through a phone app throughout the day. These videos may be one way, which means you can see your child but can't communicate, or you may be able to have a video call with your child so that you can spend your breaks at work talking to your baby. This can make the transition much easier for mom, and may even set your baby at ease if they are feeling some anxiety.

Stick to a routine

Routines are the easiest way to make your baby feel comfortable and confident, and they are also helpful for adults. Have a set routine for daycare mornings. This may include singing a special song in the car before you go and having a specific routine you go through before you leave the baby at daycare. At the bare minimum, you will want to say goodbye and assure your child that you will return to pick them up later. These assurances, as well as the act of announcing you are leaving, will begin to build trust in your child which can only strengthen your bond.

For more help, talk to a daycare provider like Learning Tree Academy in your area.