If you would like to start potty training your child, keep reading. Potty training is an essential step in growing up and can help your child to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment once they have it down. As an added bonus, you will no longer have to purchase diapers once they are fully potty trained, which in and of itself can allow you to save a great deal of money. However, potty training your child isn't going to be the easiest thing to do most of the time, so there are certain things that you'll want to keep in mind throughout the process. This article is going to discuss two tips for potty training your child. 

Plan to Stay Home 

When you decide to give potty training your all, it is going to be essential that you stay home during this time. Your child is going to need to have access to the potty at all times, and this isn't going to be possible if you are leaving the house to go and do things. In order to make this successful, you are going to need to plan ahead for the first week or so of potty training. This will allow you to get all of the things that you need beforehand, so that you have no reason to leave the house. Your child will be able to go to the potty whenever they ask, and you can avoid having to randomly run into a gas station or store restroom to try and get your child to go. At home, you are also going to have access to their own small potty or a potty chair, which is likely going to help them feel much more comfortable to go the bathroom on because it is just their size. 

Set Up a Reward System

It is important that your child feels encouraged and motivated to go to the bathroom on the toilet. A great way to do this is to set up a reward system for your child. This can be whatever you would like, just as long as your child gets excited about it. For example, your child can receive a sticker each time that they go to the potty on the toilet. Then, one they have five stickers, they can get a reward. This reward could be a toy, a treat, a lunch date with you, a movie, or whatever your child would like. 

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