If you have a child who suffers from separation anxiety whenever you are not around, you might be dreading taking them to preschool for the first time. That's understandable, but it's a problem that can be overcome with a little bit of love and patience. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you know your child will act out when you drop them off for the first day of school.

Start Leaving Them Alone Ahead of Time

If possible, don't let the first day of preschool be the first day they spend without you. Consider letting a trusted friend babysit your child while you take a few hours off from parenting. The friend should be someone the child doesn't know well instead of another family member. This might seem kind of mean at first but the point is to let your child get out his or her temper tantrum in front of your friend and not the entire school. After this happens a few times, hopefully your child will start to adjust.

Let Them Keep You With Them

No, that doesn't mean stay in the classroom with them. Instead, give your child an item that reminds them of you. It could be a hairbrush, a hair tie, your favorite scarf or any other item that you don't mind handing over. Tell your child that whenever they miss you, all they have to do is squeeze the item and everything will be OK. Let their teacher know about this arrangement so the item doesn't get confiscated or taken by another child.

Don't Take Forever to Say Goodbye

You should also start a routine from the very first day of school when it's time to drop your kid off and say goodbye. First, don't just quietly disappear while your child is distracted as that will make them more distressed when they notice you disappeared on them. But at the same time, keep your goodbye simple and short. Hug them, kiss them if you want, and hand them over to the teacher. Turn and walk away and don't look back. Make sure you don't get emotional yourself until you are out of their sight, as that will likely encourage your child to join in.

The first day of preschool can be hard on both children and their parents. If your child has separation anxiety, start preparing now so your child can handle it once the school year begins. For more tips, contact a year round preschool center today.